Loud Pipes Save Lives

What is Loud Pipes Save Lives?

The concept of Loud Pipes Save Lives is a controversial subject for both bikers and non-bikers alike. While many people believe loud pipes are marketing ploys by motorcycle accessory manufacturers or just noise pollution for the general public, the truth is that most car/truck/SUV drivers who cause motorcycle crashes claim they never saw the motorcycle. Loud pipes help bikers overcome this huge visibility obstacle by letting the other vehicles on the road know they exist.

Loud pipes have saved lives and continue to promote motorcycle safety by literally giving bikers a voice on the road that may be ignored otherwise. The goal of Loud Pipes Save Lives is and always will be about motorcycle safety for bikers and the cars we share the road with.

Tom Kiley on How Loud Pipes Save Lives

Do Loud Pipes Save Lives? As a lifetime biker, safety advocate and Trial Lawyer I say “Yes” I have heard the mantra that Loud Pipes Save Lives since I was a young boy admiring the Harley Davidson Full Dressers lined up outside the coffee shop near my paper route. It seemed intuitive to me at the time as I admired the gleaming bikes and heard the powerful cadence of their pipes.

As I grew up and became a biker myself I came to understand how important the throaty sound of Harley pipes were to the enhanced awareness of the motoring public to the presence of bikers on the road. From my point of view enhanced awareness equals greater safety for bikers.

As bikers we know that the motoring public has no concept of what it’s like to “be in the wind”. They have no clue what our sport is all about. They don’t understand the feeling of freedom, the exhilaration you feel when you ride a motorcycle.

They also don’t understand the special safety concerns that effect bikers. Heck, most of the time they don’t even pay attention to us. They encroach on our lane of travel, cut in front of us and generally act like we’re not even there. That’s why I believe that loud pipes do save our lives.

This belief is also born out by my personal experience. How many times have you blipped your throttle to gain the attention of a motorist as you approached an intersection or understood that the soccer mom in the Suburban would have cut you off if it weren’t for the sound of your after-market pipes. It is experiences such as these that confirm for us, the riders on the road, that loud pipes make a difference.

If you believe, as I do, that loud pipes save lives or you have a real life story to tell about how loud pipes saved you or a friend post a blog and tell us your story.

In the meantime ride responsibly and be safe.

Tom Kiley