Sport Bike’s Big Three

By Tom Kiley on April 22, 2010 - Comments off

Most bikers begin their love of motorcycles by either owning or riding sport bikes. Younger bikers tend to be drawn to the style and performance of sport bikes.

Some of these young bikers ‘graduate’ to cruiser bikes made by companies like Harley Davidson and Victory Motorcycles while others remain race bike lovers for life. Although it’s rare to see older bikers riding sport bikes on a daily basis, many still enjoy the unique combination of speed and handling that only a sport bike can provide.

The first bike I fell in love with was the Kawasaki KZ1000, the grandfather of the super bike. When I purchased my first motorcycle, I bought a Kawasaki GPZ 900 Ninja. Now in my early 40s, I am a proud Harley Davidson Street Glide owner and cannot imagine riding a sport bike on a daily basis.

But if I did, here are the Big Three that I would consider:

  • Yamaha YZF-R1: This beast of the street can achieve over 100 mph in second gear but has the ability to be a comfortable race cruiser provided you don’t twist the throttle too hard. The straight-line power of the bike is velvety smooth and its ability to transition through turns is effortless.
  • Suzuki GSX 1300R (Hayabusa): With top speed of nearly 190 MPH and 156 horsepower, the legendary Hayabusa is one of the fastest, stylish, and most easily customized motorcycles in the race bike world. Hayabusa, which means Peregrine Falcon in Japanese, also is one of the most comfortable hyper sport bikes for long distance motorcycle touring.
  • Kawasaki ZX 14 (Ninja): Although the top speed of the ZX 14’s speed is limited to 186 MPH, the Ninja leads the hyper sport bike class with 203 horsepower. While the Ninja and the Hayabusa are very close competitors in terms of power and speed, the Ninja falls a bit short on design, style, and handling. The brutish power of the Ninja is tempered by comfort that rivals the Hayabusa.

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